CSU’s Active, Science-Based Blogosphere

By Sarah Bisbing

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Setting the Stage: So, what are you really getting yourself into by following this blog?

Before posting our first ‘official’ blog post, we wanted to fill you on in what you should expect from us.

The purpose of the blog is to provide our contributing ecologists with an informal setting for communication and collaboration. We want you to care! But, we want you to care because the topic has been made relevant or interesting, not because the author has spent gobs of time digging up every scientific paper related to the topic at hand. If we’re wrong or misrepresent a theory/topic, please let us know. We hope to inform and educate, not mislead or advocate! Continue reading

Science Communication for the Next Generation of Academics and Researchers

Welcome to the ‘Early Career Ecologists’ blog!

This blog will be hosted, managed, and written by a group of early-career scientists. We work in a variety of systems (forests, wetlands, the arctic tundra, the desert) and study a variety of species (pines, microbes, fish, etc) all across the globe (from Alaska to Antarctica to East Africa). Most of us are working toward or have recently earned PhDs in Ecology.

The goals of this science blog are to:

  1. Increase public awareness by promoting communication between researchers and the public
  2. Provide a venue for early-career ecologists to communicate their science
  3. Engage researchers from across many different fields
  4. Promote interdisciplinary collaboration within the next generation of academics and researchers

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