Setting the Stage: So, what are you really getting yourself into by following this blog?

Before posting our first ‘official’ blog post, we wanted to fill you on in what you should expect from us.

The purpose of the blog is to provide our contributing ecologists with an informal setting for communication and collaboration. We want you to care! But, we want you to care because the topic has been made relevant or interesting, not because the author has spent gobs of time digging up every scientific paper related to the topic at hand. If we’re wrong or misrepresent a theory/topic, please let us know. We hope to inform and educate, not mislead or advocate!

What you may see here:

  • Editorials on topics of interest to both our ecologists and the public
    • News topics that seem to be missing the ‘science’ behind it all
    • Topics may include: climate change, wildfire science, etc.
  • Interpretation of our recent publications. What does it all mean? In layman’s terms.
  • A day in the life:
    • Be it field, lab, or modeling work, our daily activities are quite different than those of most people you know. Don’t you want a glimpse into how we DO science?
  • A glimpse into our lab notebooks:
    • Scientists must be meticulous, taking exhaustive notes and being very methodical about everything we do.
    • If we don’t follow this advice, we sincerely regret it later on.
  • Our insights into and tips on working in a group:
    • Collaboration is king, but it requires patience, restraint, and, often, a sense of humor.
    • We’ll pass along our own tips for success (and survival).
  • The ‘why’ behind our passion for ecology:
    • What intrigues us, what brings us back to the lab/field/computer day after day after day.
    • What inspires us to ask the questions we do and what we do to address these burning questions.
  • And blogs communicating the what/where/why behind our research
    • We love what we do and what we study.
    • Can we actually communicate this beyond an audience of our peers?
  • Most blogs will be written by one author, but you will periodically see collaborative blog posts.
    • We hope this will change over time.
    • Let’s see how quickly we can get our ecologists collaborating!

What you will not see here:

  • Comprehensive literature reviews that present the nitty-gritty details of the theory associated with our research
  • Extensive citation lists as appendices to our blogs
    • We may cite from time to time, especially when that citation is a crucial part of the story, but this will not be a bibliography for all things related to x, y, and z.
  • Loads of scientific jargon
    • If you see it, call us out on it!!
    • Or, give us an opportunity to rephrase and present the material in a non-technical way.

So, are you still in? Ready to hear what ecology’s ‘young’ scientists have to say?


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