CSU’s Active, Science-Based Blogosphere

By Sarah Bisbing

The web is packed with incredible science, ecology, and science communication blogs.

To name a few:

Approachable and Informative: Jacquelyn Gill’s ‘The Contemplative Mammoth’


Insight into the world of a field ecologist: Lauren Oakes’ Frolicking in Forests 


Philosophy and Ethics in Science: Scientific American’s ‘Doing Good Science’


There are an infinite number of online sources for ecological information and scientific discourse, but we’ve decided to add a few more to the blogosphere. Colorado State University’s scientific community (along with its globally-distributed collaborators) is ready to join the conversation! This community now hosts three new, collaborative blogs. Each one is a bit different in its approach, but each provides a great source of jargon-free information on ecology, environmental sustainability, and science communication. Follow us in this collaborative blogging adventure! In addition to ‘Early Career Ecologists,’ CSU’s line-up of science blogs includes:

Natural Resource Ecology Laboratory’s EcoPress:


The School of Global Environmental Sustainability’s HUMANnature: 


We will cross-post links with these sites, and permanent links to each site can be found in our Blogroll (in the Sidebar). Some of our ecologists will even be cross-blog contributors!

Happy reading, and happy blogging!

Sarah B.