Early Career Ecologist Profile: Meet Morgan Fuller

Well hello there!

This being my very first post it seems only appropriate to tell you a little about myself before bombarding you with my thoughts and opinions.

I am a true Mainer- meaning I am at least the third generation in my family to be born and raised in Maine, and I love the state.  I consider myself very fortunate to have grown up in small town Maine, and I believe it shaped me into the ecologist I am today. My backyard was not a lawn, but rather a forest, where I spent afternoons and weekends exploring and discovering plants, insects and animal tracks, and even attempting to catch chipmunks with my bare-hands.  This fostered not only a love of nature but also a feeling that no matter what state or country I am in, when surrounded by nature, I’m at home.

As for the academic stuff, I actually started off in biological engineering, but after one summer working almost exclusively in a tiny room with no windows I realized I was headed down the wrong path.  I couldn’t possibly spend my life working inside, so long story short I landed in ecology and environmental sciences.  From there I fell in love with soil science, found a professor who did forest soils research with a whole ecosystem approach, got an undergraduate research position in his lab, and evidently, decided never to leave.  That brings us to my current position as a graduate student/research assistant within that very lab.

While I still love hard science, I am headed down a softer path as I wander into my career.  For years now, I have been stricken by the lack of understanding and communication between the general public and the world of science.  I hope my career can eventually help to bridge the gap between ecological research and public understanding.  We can answer every scientific question we have ever thought to ask and publish data until we are blue in the face, but it takes data, communication and public support for scientific knowledge to become policy relevant.

I hope that this introduction has spiked a bit of interest and that you will read and maybe even comment on my future posts!

Thanks for reading!