Poll: Is Your Writing an Inflexible Commitment?


6 thoughts on “Poll: Is Your Writing an Inflexible Commitment?

  1. I wrestle with this almost every day – especially when working on the end stages of multiple projects. It’s better to get a grip on time in both the AM and PM, with discrete time going to writing for a project in the same block every day. I also try to print things out and read, so they stay fresh on my mind over a weekend or holiday. It’s an iterative process and it seems to be getting better all the time…or so I hope.

  2. Only recently have I really had to work hard to protect writing time, and it gets more and more difficult, as Nate pointed out, when multiple projects near completion. Hard deadlines are always a good motivator though!

  3. I was a little confused whether the poll was meant to encompass research writing, science communication writing, or any and all writing? I prioritize these differently- I assumed it meant research-related writing, but the other takes a lot of time as well, and I found myself wondering where and how other people prioritize their science communication time too. Is it something that (like me) mostly happens in my free time, or does it get fit in after the research writing is fit in, or an inflexible commitment as well? Perhaps I should set up my own poll!

    • Definitely research-related writing. Although we (especially here) write quite a bit for science communication, I consider this more ‘writing for fun’ than ‘writing for career.’ The freedom to write here and the lack of advisor editing makes this a much more desirable task. I would say I’m better at committing to this each week than I am to my own research-related writing. 🙂 Sarah

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