Surprise! (??) Poll Results: Writing IS NOT an Inflexible Commitment.

Well, folks, it looks like very few of us actually protect our writing time. 92% of us ‘write a few hours a week’ or ‘fit it in when we can.’

Writing is our contribution to the advancement of scientific knowledge. Writing is the means in which we ‘get our science out there.’ And, given the number of publications in circulation despite the competitive nature of the review process, we are clearly getting it done. But, one would think that this critical component of our careers would be our #1 priority.

So, why is it not a priority? Why is this time not carved out each week?

This data, of course, does not represent the breadth of the scientific community. Re-post? I think so. I challenge you to take the time to respond. ~ Sarah B. ~


3 thoughts on “Surprise! (??) Poll Results: Writing IS NOT an Inflexible Commitment.

  1. I’m not surprised at all. As scientist, especially ecologist, it is much more fun to collect the data and make the observations than put fingers to keyboard. It also takes significant time to craft a well written article and time is precious. I often find you need to be in the mood to write and even then, upon review, I find myself editing like crazy. It is hard to say “ok, this is done” and move on.

  2. We should all take the time to read and respect and write

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  3. Perhaps the real question should be: “How hard is it to get into a writing habit?”

    Things come up: injuries, bike trouble, kids, field seasons, etc. I think the sign of a successful scientist is how s/he, as a scientist learns to be resilient in the face of perturbations and get back up to the task of writing, revising and repeating.

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