Shaken or stirred: what’s your method of choice?

Shaken or stirred?

WHAT: We are looking for early career ecologists to participate in a survey of statistical approaches. We will provide you with a small data set and we ask that you spend no more than a few hours analysing the data in any manner of your choosing. If you are interested, please reply to the address below and we will provide you with more information and the data promptly.

WHY: We are interested in the approach used by ecologists in the analysis of a standard ecological data  for a commentary on statistical methods. The results may be published in summary form, and no personal identification will be disclosed for any reason. Our results will also be posted to this blog when available.

PLEASE REPLY TO by Wednesday May 29th.


3 thoughts on “Shaken or stirred: what’s your method of choice?

  1. Will any guidance be given as to the scientific goal of the analysis? If you just give people a dataset and say “explore this dataset and come up with something”, presumably you’re going to get back all sorts of different answers.

    Of course, the more guidance you give as to the goal of the analysis, the smaller the range of statistical approaches you’d get back, I think. Which perhaps is part of the answer to the question you’re asking…

  2. Hi Jeremy,
    Thanks for your interest and thoughts! I won’t say too much now as we’re still waiting for responses, but here’s the information we’ve provided to volunteers:

    We have attached a data file “stats_data.csv” for you to analyse as requested. The response variable in this data file is the 4th column “acorn_count” (per 30-seconds of counting, natural log-transformed). The first three columns (site_name, year, species) provide location information, and columns 5-11 provide environmental data for that location.

    We kindly ask you to spend no more than two hours fitting this data using the best of your knowledge. You need to use statistical tools to explain the variation in the response variable (acorn count) using the predictors available.

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