Andrew Tredennick

AndrewTOccupation: Post-Doctoral Researcher

Affiliation: Utah State University

Andrew’s Research: I’m a quantitative ecologist broadly interested in applied and theoretical questions of system stability across a broad range of scales – from individual organisms to communities to ecosystems. I currently work primarily in African savannas studying issues of fuelwood harvest sustainability and how harvest affects savanna dynamics.


B.S. Biology/Ecology, Texas Tech University 2006

PhD Ecology, Colorado State University, 2014

Favorite Plant Species: Anything we have enough data on to build models.

Best Field Season: My first field season in Mali, West Africa. It was long and hard; I was sick most of the time and didn’t know the language very well. But it was kind of an adventure and I love looking back on those times.

Places I’ve Lived: Fort Worth, TX; Lubbock, TX; Nederland, CO; Arcadia, MI; Fort Collins, CO; Logan, UT

In my Field Backpack: WATER! sunscreen, notebook, tape measure, clinometer. But these days I mainly have an “office backpack” with a computer and three external hard drives (oh, and that paper I keep meaning to read).

First Ecological Field Research:  Big Bend National Park in West Texas with my high school ecology class. It was the only high school ecology class in Texas at the time and was taught by a great man, Dr. Joe Kuban. It was because of his passion that I majored in Biology/Ecology as an undergrad.

My Most Recent Field Research: Mali, West Africa in 2011. I went over for a couple months with fellow graduate student Justin Dohn and we had a great time. Got lots of work done, had the truck break down multiple times in the middle of nowhere, and ate some goat head. Next up will probably be helping my girlfriend, Kyle Nehring (at Utah State), with her Master’s research around Moab, UT.

Places I’ve Done Research:

  1. Costa Rica (kind of, for a high school ecology class)
  2. Big Bend National Park, TX
  3. Kenya
  4. Mali
  5. Theoretical research in cubicles, coffee shops, bars, and planes

Andrew’s Contact Info:

▪   Email Andrew at

▪   Follow Andrew on Twitter at: @ATredennick

▪   Learn more about Andrew’s research at:

** Andrew’s research is funded by the National Science Foundation and by NASA Headquarters under the Earth and Space Science Fellowship Program.

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