Anjel Craig

Occupation: PhD Student, Restoration and Microbial Ecologist,                                     and CommunityGeneticist

Affiliation: Northern Arizona University – Cottonwood Research Group (s and Gehring Mycorrhizal Ecology Lab (

Anjel’s Research: Anjel is studying the soil-microbial interactions among Fremont Cottonwoods and invasive plant species. One of the goals of her research is to inform restoration efforts by understanding the link between belowground processes and co-evolved species (specifically, the genetic interactions of foundation tree species and their soil symbionts). Anjel hopes to apply her findings to imperiled riparian ecosystems throughout the Southwest. Anjel also strives to conduct socially-relevant research in the fields of community genetics and microbial ecology, connecting people with these unique fields of study and encouraging greater microbial awareness. 


B.S.  University of Southern Mississippi

M.S.  University of Mississippi

PhD In Progress at Northern Arizona University, Biology

Favorite Plant Species: Arbuscular mycorrhizae and anything in the Glomus genus. These species associate with nearly every plant, and are the most ancient mycorrhizal association 

Best Sampling Road Trip: Sampling fungal diversity in Northern Thailand for an NSF-sponsored internship. 

Places I’ve Lived: Hattiesburg (MS), Oxford (MS), Flagstaff (AZ), Victoria (BC)  

In my Field Backpack: pruning shears, soil collection bags, and I never leave home without a shovel!

Favorite Planting Experience: I participated in planting the Chevelon common garden, located along the Little Colorado River basin. In this common garden, Fremont cottonwood clones from different populations are planted together in a common environment. 

Places I’ve Done Research:

  1. Northern Mississippi
  2. Chiang Mai, Thailand
  3. Winslow, AZ
Anjel’s Contact Info:

**  Anjel’s research is funded by NSF IGERT and NSF GK12 fellowship programs.

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