Caitlin McDonough MacKenzie

IMG_7050Occupation: Biology PhD Candidate, Plant Ecologist, Alpine zone enthusiast

Affiliation: Boston University Biology Department, Ecology Behavior and Evolution Program.  Field work at Acadia National Park in Maine.

Caitlin’s Research: Caitlin studies climate change, land use change, and plant ecology in New England.  As an NPS George Melendez Wright Climate Change fellow, she worked with herbarium specimens, old flora, field notes, and other historical data to reconstruct the past flowering phenology and abundance of species on Mount Desert Island.  She is currently monitoring the flowering phenology of wildflowers across north-south ridges in Acadia National Park. 


B.A. Harvard University, Environmental Science and Public Policy

M.S. University of Vermont, Field Naturalist Program

PhD In Progress Boston University, Biology

Favorite Plant Species: Geum peckii

Best (Imaginary) Sampling Road Trip: I would love to do a Northeast alpine zone trip through the Adirondacks (NY), Greens (VT), Whites (NH), Katahdin (ME), and end on Mount Desert Island (ME)

Places I’ve Lived:  Cambridge (MA), Pinkham Notch (NH), Chicago (IL), Astoria (OR), Burlington (VT), Boston (MA), Bar Harbor (ME)

In my Field Backpack: Cheese, Rite in the Rain notebook, ten-year-old GPS, tattered Newcomb’s Wildflower guide, HOBO temperature logger.

My First Mountain: Mt Wachusett, MA

My Most Recent Mountain: Mt. Pemetic, Mount Desert Island, ME

Places I’ve Done Research:

  1. Harvard Forest, Petersham, MA
  2. Far North Queensland, Australia
  3. Willapa Hills, WA
  4. White Mountain National Forest, NH
  5. Acadia National Park, ME

Caitlin’s Contact Info: 

 ** Caitlin’s research is funded by the NPS George Melendez-Wright Climate Change Fellowship, the National Park Service, and the Schoodic Education and Research Center

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