Jane Zelikova

JaneZOccupation: Postdoctoral researcher

Affiliation:  Department of Botany & Ecosystem Management, University of Wyoming

Jane’s Research: effects of climate change and land-use on plant community structure and function, linking above and belowground processes


B.S. University of Georgia

PhD University of Colorado

Favorite Plant Species: Pseudobombax septenatum (ceiba), a tree that grows in tropical seasonally dry forests in Central America, has photosynthetic bark, stores water in its trunk, and is able to continue photosynthesizing in the dry season, even without any leaves!

Best Sampling Road Trip: Colorado Plateau regional survey to quantify the effects of livestock removal on soil and plant carbon stocks, driving across southeastern UT and southwestern CO, summer 2011

Places I’ve Lived: Ukraine, Austria, Italy, Brooklyn (NY), Atlanta and Athens (GA), Eugene (OR), Truckee (CA), Boulder (CO), Moab (UT), and Laramie (WY)

In my Field Backpack: Sunscreen, GPS unit, small notebook, chapstick, Lara bar, headphones, ziplock bags, sharpies and pencils, and a trucker hat

My First Leaf Cutter ant nest soil profile: La Selva, Costa Rica – 1m depth pit into the ant nest, with ants pouring out in protest, biting, and putting up a big fight as I literally dove it to collect soil from across the entire 1m profile

Places I’ve Done Research:

  1. Cabo Blanco Absolute Reserve and Monteverde, Costa Rica
  2. Palo Verde and Santa Rosa National Parks, Costa Rica
  3. La Selva, Costa Rica
  4. Athens GA
  5. Great Smoky Mountains National Park, TN & NC
  6. Colorado Plateau, UT & CO

Jane’s Contact Info: 

▪   Email Jane at tzelikov@uwyo.ecu

▪   Follow Jane on Twitter at: @j_zelikova

▪   Learn more about Jane’s research here 

** Jane’s research is funded currently funded by NSF and the USDA

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