Kristen Pelz

Occupation: PhD candidate

Affiliation: Colorado State University – Department of Forest and Rangeland Stewardship, Graduate Degree Program in Ecology

Kristen’s Research:  Kristen’s research is focused on plot- to landscape-scale effects of disturbances and forest management on subalpine forests of the central and southern Rocky Mountains.


B.S. Middlebury College, Geography and Environmental Sciences/Conservation Biology

M.S. Colorado State University, Forest Science

PhD In Progress, Colorado State University, Forest Ecology

Favorite Plant Species: Limber pine (Pinus flexillis)

Best Sampling Road Trip: Colorado to southeast Alaska via Canada’s National Parks and BC’s Cassiar Highway

Places I’ve Lived: Denver (CO), Burlington (VT), Middlebury (VT), Washington (DC), Frisco (CO), Silverton (CO), Fort Collins (CO)

In my Field Backpack:  A compass, clinometer, GPS, calipers, diameter tape, duct tape, permanent markers, increment borer, pruning saw, paper bags, sunscreen, gloves, a dirty bandana, rain coat, pocket knife, water, and an old Snickers bar for emergency sustenance.

Places I’ve Done Research:

  1. Addison County, VT
  2. Pemba Island, Zanzibar, Tanzania
  3. Eagle County, CO
  4. Delta County, CO
  5. Grand County, CO
  6. Juneau, AK
Kristen’s Contact Info:

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