Mike SanClements

Occupation: Ecosystem Ecologist, Staff Scientist, and Affiliate Faculty

Affiliation: National Ecological Observatory Network (NEON); Institute of Arctic and Alpine Research, University of Colorado – Boulder

Mike’s Research:  My research involves soil science, ecology, and biogeochemistry. In particular, I’m interested in the cycling of elements within natural systems and the response of these cycles to changing climate and atmospheric deposition.  Studying the cycling of elements among terrestrial, aquatic, and biological compartments is critical if we want to understand important environmental processes and ecosystem services in light of an evolving climate system.


B.S. University of Montana, Resource Conservation

M.S. North Carolina State University, Soil Science

Ph.D. University of Maine, Ecology and Environmental Science

Favorite Plant Species: Pinus ponderosa (the bark smells so good!)

Best Sampling Road Trip: While technically not a road trip, flying around Antarctica in helicopters is tough to beat.

Places I’ve Lived: Sherborn (MA), Missoula (MT), Raleigh (NC), Bangor (ME), Denver (CO), Boulder (CO)

In my Field Backpack:  Lunch, bug spray, camera, metric measuring tape, field notebook, Ziplocs, GPS, pencils, burned amber bottles for collecting water, sharpies, and most importantly, I’ll be carrying a shovel.

My First Tree Planting: I think an apple tree with my parents. I remember jumping over it after we planted it. It’s too big to jump over now.

My Most Recent Tree Planting: A cold tolerant semi dwarf peach tree in Maine.

Places I’ve Done Research:

  1. Outer Banks, NC
  2. Acadia National Park, ME
  3. Bear Brook Watershed, ME
  4. Fernow Experimental Forest, WV
  5. Lesni Potok Experimental Watershed, Czech Republic
  6. Strengbach Watershed, Strasbourg France
  7. Green Lakes Valley and the Boulder CZO, CO
  8. McMurdo Dry Valley’s, Antarctica
Mike’s Contact Info:

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