Sarah Bisbing

Occupation: Assistant Professor of Forest Ecology & Silviculture; Forest ecologist, landscape geneticist

Affiliation: California Polytechnic State University, Department of Natural Resources Management & Environmental Sciences

Sarah’s Research: Sarah’s research addresses the distribution of, connectivity between, and genetic diversity among forests of western North America. With support from a NPS George M. Wright Climate Change Fellowship, Sarah is working on a fine scale study of conifer distributions across ecosystem gradients in Southeast Alaska and a large scale study on the genetic distribution of the four subspecies of Pinus contorta


B.S. University of Montana, Forest Resource Management (2005)

M.S. University of Montana, Forest Ecology (2008)

PhD Colorado State University, Ecology (2013)

Favorite Plant Species: Pinus contorta (all four subspecies, of course – lodgepole, Sierra lodgepole, shore, and bolander pines)

Best Sampling Road Trip: Colorado to southeast Alaska via Canada’s National Parks and BC’s Cassiar Highway

Places I’ve Lived: Chicago (IL), Urbana (IL), Missoula (MT), Bozeman (MT), Berkeley (CA), Las Vegas (NV), Fort Collins (CO), Juneau (AK), San Luis Obispo (CA)

In my Field Backpack: Plant ID Book, Metric Measuring Tape, Field Notebook, Coin Envelopes, Ziplocs, Dessicant, GPS, Pencils, Sharpies

My First Tree Planting: Colorado Blue Spruce (Picea pungens) seedling – planted at age 3 in my parent’s backyard

My Most Recent Tree Planting: Pinus contorta seeds – planted in a greenhouse common garden for my upcoming reciprocal transplant study

Places I’ve Done Research:

  1. Swan Valley, MT
  2. Glacier National Park, MT
  3. Yellowstone National Park, WY
  4. Yosemite National Park, CA
  5. Glacier Bay National Park, AK
  6. Juneau, AK (and all over the Alexander Archipelago in Southeast Alaska)
  7. Western North America (from southern Cali to the Yukon Territory)
  8. Las Vegas, NV
  9. San Juan Mountains, CO
  10. Medicine Bow NF, WY
  11. Big Sur, CA
  12. Coast & Sierra Nevada Mountains, CA
Sarah’s Contact Info:

**Sarah is a 2012 Global Sustainability Leadership Fellow (SoGES). Her graduate research was funded by the Cold Regions Research & Engineering Lab (USACE), the USFS Pacific NW Research Station in Juneau (AK), a NPS George Melendez-Wright Climate Change Fellowship, and a Gloria Barron Wilderness Society Fellowship.

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