Seema Sheth

Occupation: Evolutionary ecologist, PhD candidate

Affiliation: Colorado State University

Seema’s Research: Seema is interested in understanding the processes that shape the geographic distributions of species. For her dissertation research, she is examining how species’ traits influence the limits and sizes of species’ ranges across western North American monkeyflowers. Because rare species have a particularly high risk of extinction, we must understand what makes them vulnerable now in order to predict how climate change will affect them in the future. 


B.S. Washington University in St. Louis, Environmental Science & Spanish

M.S. University of Missouri – St. Louis, Ecology, Evolution & Systematics

PhD In Progress, Colorado State University, Evolutionary Ecology

Favorite Plant Species:  Mimulus eastwoodiae, endemic to hanging gardens in canyon country of the Colorado Plateau

Best Sampling Road Trip:  Walking ~1000 km worth of transects at Tiputini Biodiversity Station in the lowlands of eastern Ecuador

Places I’ve Lived: Little Rock (AR), St. Louis (MO), Fort Collins (CO)

In my Field Backpack:  Compass, field notebook, GPS, camera, binoculars, headlamp, ziplocs, coin envelopes, retractable pens and sharpies, snacks, water 

Places I’ve Done Research:

  1. Tiputini Biodiversity Station, Amazonian Ecuador
  2. Páramos throughout the Andes in Ecuador
  3. Western US (protected lands in CA, OR, UT, AZ, CO)

Seema’s Contact Info:

** Seema is a 2012 Global Sustainability Leadership Fellow (SoGES). Seema’s research is funded by a National Science Foundation Doctoral Dissertation Improvement Grant.


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