Morgan Fuller

Occupation: Graduate Student/Research Assistant

Affiliation: University of Maine – Department of Plant, Soils and Environmental Sciences

Morgan’s Research: I am just beginning my graduate program, so my research is still in the preliminary planning stages.  However, I have determined that it will pertain to climate change adaptation with a focus on ecosystem services, and, more specifically, soil related services.  I hope to incorporate blogging and journalism as a method of public outreach and education into my thesis project. Since I don’t know any other people who have done this, I’d be happy to hear suggestions from anyone who has!


B.S. University of Maine, Ecology and Environmental Sciences

M.S. In Progress University of Maine, Plant Soils and Environmental Science

Favorite Soil Type: Spodosol

Best Sampling Trip: As a new graduate student, I have not yet had the chance to sample in many different places.  However, I did have a very exciting field day where I got to meet a bear with the Maine Department of Inland Fisheries and Wildlife.

Places I’ve Lived: I have lived almost exclusively in Maine with the exception of five-months in Christchurch, New Zealand while studying abroad at the University of Canterbury.

In my Field Backpack: Trowel, bulb corer, clippers, small hand-saw, sampling bags, ruler, all-weather field notebook and pen, flagging, compass, sharpies, Ben’s 99% Deet.

My First Soil Pit:  Inceptisol- Along a riverbank near Pennsylvania State University for the regional soil-judging contest.

My Most Recent Soil Pit: Spodosol- In Bear Brook Watershed, (Beddington, Maine) for sampling related to ongoing research pertaining to soil and nitrogen interactions.

Places I’ve Done Research:

  1. Bear Brook Watershed, ME

Morgan’s Contact Info:

▪   Email Morgan at

▪   Follow Morgan on Twitter at: @MorganFuller89


** Morgan’s research is funded by the University of Maine, Department of Plant, Soils and Environmental Sciences 

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