Kristin Marshall

Occupation: Postdoctoral Research Associate

Affiliation: National Research Council, NOAA-NMFS Northwest Fishery Science Center, University of Washington                                                              

Kristin’s Research: I’m a community ecologist—broadly interested in how species interactions and the physical environment interact to shape large-scale ecological patterns. I work on applied questions in aquatic and terrestrial ecosystems, in the field and behind a computer (mostly the latter these days).


B.A.  Marine Biology, Boston University 2003

M.S. Aquatic and Fishery Sciences, University of Washington, 2007

PhD Ecology, Colorado State University, 2011

Favorite Species: Mountain goat (Oreamnus americanus).  I’ve never worked with them, but for some reason, I have a strong affinity to all things bovid.

Best Field Season: I had 4 month field seasons in Yellowstone during my Phd. I LOVED tromping around the park on and off trail, hopping streams, dodging bison, digging holes, and counting millions of willow shoots.

Places I’ve Lived:  Bismarck (ND), Burke (VA), Madison (WI), Springfield (IL), Boston (MA), Seattle (WA), Fort Collins (CO)

In my Field Backpack: Sadly, I don’t have a field backpack at the moment.  But when I did, I’d always carry raingear, first aid kit, bear spray, tape measure, calipers, hand-crafted well-reader, field notebook, lots of pencils, and more food than I ever could possibly need. 

How I got interested in Ecology: 1. Many summers of Girl Scout camp in northern Wisconsin, and 2. A week I spent on a huge sail boat in Lake Michigan learning about aquatic ecology in middle school. 

What keeps me coming back: I am passionate about problem-solving– ecology is a giant, hugely complex puzzle.  Even though I can only chip away at one small piece at a time, I feel like the work I do inches our understanding of life on this planet forward in small but meaningful ways.

Places I’ve Done Research:

  1. Yellowstone National Park
  2. Woods Hole, MA
  3. Various institutional offices and cubicles that generally lack windows
  4. My basement, and countless Seattle coffee shops.

Kristin’s Contact Info:

** Kristin’s post-doc research is funded by NRC/NOAA, and her PhD research was funded by NSF.


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